Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Text Is Dead

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: Hi! someone there?
You: hi
You: I saw you typing
Stranger: yeahh.. it actually gets me a little horny let's talk on skype my name there is LibertyDarling5
You: I was like... "wait for it..."
You: FUCK!!!
Stranger: Hi! 24/f/fl. Miami You?
You have disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: Hi! stranger
You: oh.
You: hi.
Stranger: Oh ok sorry new to this but hi, 24/F/Miami, FL. here. You?
Stranger: Cool. I think i'm better at skype. lol. You should come talk to me there my usernme is RyleeConner
You have disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: f
You: woot
You: do you prefer skype?
You: fucking lame Omegle
You: are you a bot?
Stranger: am i a what
You: are you a real person?
Stranger: yea
You: well that's different
Stranger: um ok
You: how do you not know what a bot is?
You: are you ten?
Stranger: no im 17
You: oh.
You: well, get older.
Stranger: fuck u
Stranger has disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hello :)
Stranger: 24f what r u up to?
You: yeah
Stranger: 25f what r u up to?
You: lemme guess, skype?
Stranger: im in my room, kinda turned on :)
You: strangers make you horny
You: blah blah blah
You: shit on your chest
Stranger: feel like skyyping? :) my usrname is LucilleBANKS
You: Are you not aware that porn is free?
You: die in a fire.
Stranger: u can add me if u want
You: Nope
You: sure don't.
Stranger: k ill talk to u there bye babe :)
You: kill babies?
Stranger has disconnected.

Pervert Pete - On Youtube - Etc.

Recently, I was contacted by this dude in a mask named Pete. He showed me his channel, and I like it. So now, I'll post a video for all three of you to watch. Fucking losers. Why are you on my blog anyways?

HAHA! I was kidding! you're all amazing, wonderful people!
Let's kiss.

Now, I think I'll post a link to his channel. Here: Pervert Pete

Now go fucking die.
Kidding! I love you!!
If anyone does anything awesome on Omegle, I'd love to share it here. I hardly ever have time to make good posts anymore, and all of you unfunny fucks stopped submitting your garbage to my email, probably because you learned that I won't post your dumb shit unless it gives me a chuckle. Anypaulverhoeven, go out on Omegle, make funny, bring here, share with the world (or at least a tiny, insignificant microcosm of losers and malcontents) and then tell your stupid ass friends to do the same. Or I'll cut you.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More dragons.

You're chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!
You and the stranger both like dragons.
Stranger: Hello.
You: Hi
Stranger: Nobody seems to want to talk about their interests on this site... it's depressing.
You: Why is that?
Stranger: You mean why is it depressing or why don't they want to talk?
You: Both.
Stranger: Well it's depressing because I actually like talking about things I'm interested in, but can't find anyone to talk to.
And they don't want to talk about their interests because they're all too obsessed with ASLs and sex chats, no matter what
interest it is it's all the same.
You: Yeah, I agree.
You: What should we do about it?
Stranger: Hmmm... find a new site is something I've been considering, but any I can find will probably be the same as this one.
You: It sucks people are so obsessed with sex.
You: Nobody just wants to talk anymore.
Stranger: Omegle threatens to ban people but never does.
You: I mean, for instance, all I can think about right now is sucking a dragon's dick.
You: This is crazy.
Stranger: It's sickening... A true dragon fan would have more respect for them than that.
You: I know, right?
You: I'd lick the balls before stroking the shaft.
You: if I were a true fan.
Stranger: I swear, if a real dragon ever got on here they're probably die of embarrassment.
You: Yeah, because they are noble creatures of legend and lore.
You: And they have majestic cocks.
Stranger: XD Gross.
You: If you were a true fan of dragons, you'd throw yourself on their scaled peckers.
You: give them dragon head.
Stranger: Lol no.
You: making sounds like: GAK GAK GAK GAK
You: I'm just saying.
Stranger: You're getting a little too descriptive now.
You: I'm a big fan of dragons.
You: I write a lot of fan fiction.
Stranger: What sort of fan fiction...?
You: Dragon fan fiction
You: Where I'm totally hunting dragons so I can stroke their shafts.
You: wanna read some?
Stranger: No thanks.
You: I came.
You have disconnected.

Why do you like dragons?

You're chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!
You and the stranger both like dragons.
Stranger: Hello :)
You: hey
Stranger: Why do you like dragons?
You: They have large genitalia.
Stranger: ...
Stranger: troll?
You: No.
You: Jerk.
Stranger: Oh, a furry
You: What's that?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Anime Type Stuff

You: bickety bam
You: hey mofo
Stranger: booom
You: snap
Stranger: hi
You: crazy dawg
You: what's the deal, sizzle fist?
Stranger: come on
Stranger: im thunder fist
You: Come on, what?
You: Hi thunder fist
Stranger: hi, and who are u? stone kick?
You: I'm lightning rod!
Stranger: never heard of u
You: Oh.
You: Well, I'm new.
Stranger: you should learn more, newbie
You: Well, I don't have a teacher.
Stranger: sorry, i never accept any student
You: Well, that's ok.
You: I don't need to learn. I'm pretty skilled.
Stranger: haha, lets see what u got dude
You: Ok, watch this.
You: hitatchi
Stranger: bah!
You: Shit.
Stranger: SUZUKI!
You: that's skills.
Stranger: hahaha, learn more dude
Stranger: and give me ur best shot some other day
You: Ok.
You: Well, how about this...
Stranger: bwahahahaha, lil bit crazy but not good enough
You: Not good enough?
You: or something.
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: learn more dude
You: I've mastered all I need.
You: I've masturbated all I need.
You: Muscle flex.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Sexy Webcam girl!!

Stranger is using Omegle's mobile Web site ( on a phone or tablet)
Stranger: hello
You: hi!
Stranger: how are you currently?
You: I'm great!!
You: ASL
Stranger: yeahhhh!
Stranger: lol
You: I'm a horny 19 year old female from USA
You: What the fuck, dude.
Stranger: Lol
You: Hey, asshole, I'm trying to work here.
You: Do you want to see my cooch or not?
Stranger: I know you are trying to troll some kids, but it's not gonna work here
Stranger: and no
You: fuckin' "free web cam"
You: god damn, this job sucks.
Stranger: lol
You: I need to go work at starbucks or something.
Stranger: yeah
You: wanna "click my link"?
You: No? Didn't think so.
Stranger: you didn't send one, but definitely no
You: duh.
You: Because nobody ever clicks them.
Stranger: good
You: I'd super totally get a new job, if I wasn't in a dungeon in the Ukraine somewhere.
You: These guys totally don't speak english.
Stranger: yeah it's bad
You: I could pretty much say whatever I want on here.
You: They can't read what I type.
You: like, Igor is a faggot!
Stranger: !!!
You: Right, Igor?
You: Fucking foreigners.
You: Anyways, I'm a hot bisexual female looking for fun on webcam!!!
You: Want to play with me?
Stranger: ohhhhhh
Stranger: nope
You: It's so hot in my room, I'm going to take my clothes off!
Stranger: !!!!!
You: Seriously, get me help!!!
You: I haven't eaten in like six days.
Stranger: okay
Stranger: I'll send the fbi
You: oh...
You: yeah, I'm totally addicted to Meth... That's a bad idea.
Stranger: yes it is
You: Anyways, webcam girls!
You have disconnected.

Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm on fire.

You're chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!
You and the stranger both like talking.
Stranger is using Omegle's mobile Web site ( on a phone or tablet)
Stranger: hi
You: heya
Stranger: hoe are you
You: What's good?
Stranger: what
You: I don't know. What's good with you?
Stranger: nothinh
Stranger: oh good
You: you can tell because I'm shouting.
Stranger: yeah
You: I'm legitimately shouting at the computer.
You: Because I'm great.
Stranger: oh nice
You: and also on fire.
Stranger: ha
Your conversational partner has disconnected.